Mathes Construction & Gutter Company offers a diverse menu of services for all your construction needs. From new home construction to that tailor-made remodeling project, we love to work with our customers to shape their dreams. At Mathes Construction & Gutter Co., we offer trust you can build on!

See our construction services listed below.
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General Contracting

When searching for a reliable general contractor, customers will find comfort with the experienced professionals at Mathes Construction & Gutter Company. Our team at Mathes works close with customers to develop a strategic plan to meet your every need. Finding the right contractor to exercise full control on the job from start to finish is very important. Mathes professionals will work to detail a job schedule, taking in the smallest aspects of weather related issues all the way up to compiling banking needs and proper licensing information. Our priorities as a general contractor, above all else, are quality control and customer satisfaction.

New Home Construction

Mathes Construction & Gutter Company will put up the first wall and lay the last base board to build the home of your dreams. From framing to putting the finishing touches on your new cabinets, our team will create your new home the way you want it.

As contractors, we can help guide customers through their design and planning stages to create a solid foundation for success. Mathes professionals have decades of experience in both exterior and interior finish work. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. It’s important to us and we know it’s important to you.

Our team won’t leave you in the dark throughout the project. We work closely with our customers to share our professional input and experience through every stage in your new home building process.

Project Design

We are now happy to provide our customers with full design capabilities to a number of different projects. By bringing the design and building processes together in one place, we are able to provide our customers with many advantageous opportunities.
Rather than waiting for early drafts or changes to come through an outside source, we are able to keep your project running smoothly from concept to completion. Whether it’s a new home construction or a remodel project, if there are changes to be made on paper, we are able to adapt more efficiently through the process.

Remodeling & Additions

Your project is all about you, plain and simple. For that reason we urge our customers to make decisions based on value and quality, not just price. There are many factors that play into a new remodel project, so we’re here to help simplify the steps and lower the stress!

While updating or renovating your home, it’s important to hire a professional contractor who is familiar with the building codes in your specific area. Going through a design process first and choosing want to include in the remodel/addition from appliances to light fixtures, etc. can greatly reduce confusion and stress during the construction process. Our team, from design to installation, has the experience needed to adapt to changes throughout and keep your project moving on time.

Comparing products and their prices carefully is important before you make final decisions for your new project. That’s why we spend a lot of time with our clients during the design process, so we both know what to expect. We work with a multitude of different suppliers and vendors to help create a very custom project for our customers. Whether it’s a new kitchen, bathroom, basement remodel, or whatever else you’re dreaming up, we believe it’s important to provide you with the choices and options to bring your dreams to life.


The outside of your home can say many things, after all, it’s the first thing people see! We want your home shine from the moment you turn up the driveway, so we take siding seriously. Whether you are starting from the ground up or interested in residing your home, we have the experience to make your home shine.

There are many reason that people replace the siding on their home. You want to increase or maintain the value of your home, there are leaks or water damage that are most likely caused by the siding, you do not like the way your defective, ugly, or old siding looks, you are tired of maintaining your siding in its present condition, or the condition of your siding prevents you from selling your house or asking full price for your house.

Today, there are many options for siding from vinyl, steel, wood, cement board and more! Our crew has the skills and experience to completely restore or transform the look of your house!

Windows & Doors

Homeowners are often motivated to invest in new windows and doors for a variety of reasons. Many of our customers are interesting in improving home’s appearance, reducing maintenance, improving value of home, reducing drafts, and/or reducing energy bills.

Regardless of your reason to replace your windows or doors, we are able to provide a variety of different styles and brands to fit specific requests. We are to provide replacement windows in a variety of different styles, colors, and finish which allows you to match or completely change the look of your home. Each of our replacement windows is custom-made for a precise fit to deliver excellent performance. 

Flooring Installation

Installing new flooring in a room can completely transform the look and feel of your home. Natural materials for flooring give a soft feel to the room whereas a rustic feel is set with stone tiles. The flooring choice has an effect on the other aspects of the decorations of the room and thus, one has to ensure that the flooring blends with the scheme of the room and the house. From wood flooring to tile, our crew is equipment with the knowledge and experience to revamp your home project.